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2. User Emails

2.1. Your email address will always be protected and encrypted.

2.2. We may use your email to contact you at any time.

2.3. All emails and personal information is process under the GDPR regulations, please see §5.

3. User Password

3.1. Your password is saved safely in our database through 256-bit binary encryption.

4. Username

4.1. Your username will be shown, and may be shown by us at anytime.

4.2. Your username might be shown in the chat and forum.


5.1. We are applying with all the standards of GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation from 25 May 2018.

5.2. You can opt-out of the directory at any time. If you got an email from us, you should see an link in the bottom of all emails with the option to unsubscribe, this will remove your from the current directory.

5.3. Regarding email marketing, in the context of a sale of a good or service, an organization, “may use these electronic contact details for direct marketing of its own similar products or services provided that customers clearly and distinctly are given the opportunity to object, free of charge and in an easy manner,” according to Article 13, part 2.

5.4. If we or third parties that us the site, and/or the emails, forms or other applications, does not comply with the GDPR regulations, please contact us and we will have them and your stored information removed immediately.

Responsible for personal data collection is with organisation number: SE711020077601, Address: Traffgatan 2, SE-13644 Handen, Sweden